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routing library

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I started my last project in horror manner. I did all as simple as possible - so far a has a lot of inline JS in my HTML.
Now i need to remove this. But I do not want to rewrite my scripts significant. 
Also project is pretty big now and i need some thing to make JS writting simpler. For solving this tasks I need some JS-routing library.
There are a lot of such.
Fast googling bring me here: 
Same as asker, i do not want Backbone.js, as far as I have alreay implementation in other framework(jQuery). So there are given these variants:

I even do not know, which one to use, thay look from here identically. 
So i select first one - 

Upd: a i do not know how to use reqexp in url rputes so i switched to crossroads
TODO: add this route to Path: "/lol/:anystring(/:anything)"

More here:

Simple usage:
crossroads.addRoute("/proposal/:proposalid:/:any*:", function(proposalid){