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Flashing sony ericsson E1 (d2105)

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    One of my projects is developing VPN client for android. And as far as this developing hardly can be made on the emulator, I used my own phone. After some days of playing with library without any result, I came to a conclusion that I making something totally wrong. So I start playing with other existing applications of this type and unexpectedly found that my phone has some bug in the VPN implementation. Initially, I thought that this problem was caused by my development, So I download fresh flash ROM for my device and tried it, but the problem still persists. After some more googling I came to developers forum where the fact that official ROM has a bug in few consecutive versions was spotted:

So I found even fresher ROM with this bugfix ( ), install it, and the problem was solved.
And now I will describe a bit detailed instruction how to flash your sony device at home.


Before further reading make sure you understand these concepts:
I will be using such worlds as: ROM, Bootloader, OEM Lock, 


Linux (more details later).
FlashTool (



    First, you should do is save all important information from the phone as far as it will be erased. Second - verify your existing firmware version(go to Settings/About phone/Build number) and download required ROM, usually file with "ftf" extension (see links in "Links" section). 
    Also, you need to enable UBS-debugging and check bootloader locking status.
    For enabling USB-debugging go to Settings/About phone and click 10 times "Build number". After that in settings new menu will appear "Developer options". In that menu you can turn on the USB-debugging. 
    For getting bootloader locking status do this:
  • Dial *#*#7378423#*#* . Then go to -> "Service Info" -> "Configuration". If there is:
  • Bootloader unlock allowed - Yes << this means that your Bootloader is Locked
  • Bootloader Unlocked - Yes << this means that your bootloader is unlocked


    Next, you need to download and install FlashTool. There is a lot of FlashTool assemblies with different driver set. I go with download official from their site ( So far I download clean FlashTool version, I don't have my driver. But the sony drivers can be downloaded from the official site, for example here is a link to my driver:
    The driver declare new type of device, so it was abble to install it correctly only with legacy driver installation wizard from "Manage devices"  in PC management.
    Installing FlashTool is simple. Just execute the downloaded installer, then go to the installation folder, find "drivers" folder there, find "Flashtool-drivers.exe" file, change its properties - make it compatible with windows vista and check mark for executing with administrative privileges. And then execute. Make sure you check both "Flashmode drivers" and "Fastboot drivers". Other drivers are optional. 
    After installing Flashtool copy the ROM file to the "firmwares" folder in the installation path, OR to the "C:\Users\youruser\.flashTool\firmwares" folder. Now you ready to go.
    After start FlashTool program most probably you will find that nothing is working. This is normal because most probably the bootloader on your device is locked, and unlocking it from the FlashTool is not working(but locking it back works fine).

    Unlocking bootloader

    Each SONY device has OEM lock on bootloader by default. You can unlock it with standard util from android sdk, using the special code. You can get this code on SONY site, entered your email and IMEI code:
For getting your IMEI just in the phone enter this sequence:  *#06#
After entering all data you will get the code(as well as command example for entering it and instructions). In my case the code was:
and the command:
fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x90C5C67A3993D7E4
"fastboot" is an executable from ANDROID_SDK\platform-tools\ folder.
Unfortunately, this command for me haven't work. Have no idea why, but my PC haven't see the device either it was connected turned off, turned on or connected in fastboot mode(in turned off device press Volume UP(DOWN) during connecting to the USB). But under a Linux, executing this command as root and connected device in fastboot mode do the work. Glory to the Linux!


    Now, when the device has unlocked bootloader, we can easy flash it with any ROM we want. Rebooting to Windows, connecting the device if FLASHMODE (turned off and press Volume DOWN during connecting to the USB), and press "Flash", selecting our ROM. Note: ROM in the selector is usually shown as a tree, so you need to select most applicable tree leaf. And the process is starting.


ROMS!!!!: The only one without VPN bug is D2105_20.1.B.2.29_R2B_India_Generic_1280-0787.ftf, but it optimized for India locale.