My name is Vasyl Khrystiuk

and I am software engineer from Ukraine. 
This is the place where I collected useful knowledge from all the web. The vast majority of materials have else authorship so I'll give source if possible.

You can find me by the following contacts:


But I prefer to use e-mail only. And I don't like mobile or skype. You can call me and notify about new hot letter, if it's realy important. 

Instead of introduction:
A few years ago I learned about the existence of films that just do not have reached our time. It really surprised me! How can this be? People have tried to do some art, do movies, but no one saved. Everything is lost, everything is gone into eternity.
Sometimes i read old but good articles on the Internet. And sometimes they refer to other good articles. When I want to open them I get error 404 or "domain is closed".  That's it! They're gone. 
I hope these saved copies of the articles come in handy at least to me, but not only.

As always - have fun=)

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