My name is Vasyl Khrystiuk

and I am a software engineer from Ukraine. 

This site used to be my blog in the past, but not outdated documents are removing as they actually have no values, others are in process of migrating to my new blog(
You can find me by the following contacts:

But I prefer to use e-mail only. 

I found that I used to add more than thousand of bookmarks in my browser. Most of them are tutorials, some working solutions for some of my projects and some personal links. And I almost never back to then, even if a lot of them I really need to process in order to become the better developer. So instead of having a bunch of links, I will make some analysis: what I have there; do I need that; If I will learn something, then I need to define order.

What I have There:
  • Real bookmarks - these are on bookmark panel for easy access to frequently visited sites. This category will remain.
  • Real bookmarks with rare usage. I will also keep this category just for helping me to find them.
  • Personal links. Non-it. These will be kept in the separate folder but the content will be continuously reviewed.
  • It-services. Well. This will be merged into one page on this site and removed from bookmarks. This is a quite open question - do I need them, because I used to google them fast instead of looking at bookmarks.
  • Tutorials on different technologies. Do I really need them? Let's keep them as the priority list. And remove from bookmarks.